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Mind balance contains a sophisticated formula of naturally occurring amino acids well known for teaming up to balance mental activity. The result is a calm ability to focus with an underlying feeling of well-being. Feeling normal never felt so GOOD!
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Pharma GABA-(Not to be confused with GABA)

This is a form of the amino acid GABA that can have a profound calming effect on the brain. This natural component is often imitated by pharmaceutical products such as xanax and valium.
Contributes to keeping the brain calm by slowing the reuptake of GABA, working cooperatively to regulate the calming effect presented by GABA.
Tri-Methyl-Glycine (TMG)
Another amino acid that Increases both dopamine and serotonin which supports focus and mood elevation
A precursor to dopamine. Contributes to focus, well being and over all brain power.
Supports dopamine and GABA levels for a calm but powerful mental state.
Helps with mood elevation by increasing serotonin in the brain.
What Can Mind Balance Do For Me?
Mind Balance offers a host of health benefits that extend well beyond stress relief. Check out all of the positive effects you can expect from Mind Balance.

Stress Reduction

Keeping your stress under wraps is critical to successful performance despite the challenges the daily grind may toss your way. Stress management is applicable to every kind of work you do. At work, concentration is often derailed by stressful feelings. Similarly, academic performance can be significantly impeded by the worry associated with the pursuit of excellence. If you take your workouts seriously, then stress may become a factor if you have trouble meeting your performance standards. And finally and perhaps most importantly, meeting the needs of our loved ones and family can pose a huge amount of stress in our lives, simply because as much as we try to be, we are not perfect.

Reduces Cortisol

Getting through a tough day would be practically impossible without this stress hormone. But chronic stress leads to too much cortisol and then you can have real problems. Like insomnia, anxiety, moodiness and weight gain. Also, because cortisol becomes a source of energy, we may actually become reliant on it when we are in need of rest and sleep. Finally, stress that lingers too long can turn into adrenal fatigue which can seriously affect your health long term.

Relaxes Muscles

Muscles stay keyed up even in mildly stressful experiences. Mind Balance helps muscles relax by reducing hypersensitivity associated with muscle fibers that are being overstimulated by random stressful thoughts. This creates a positive stress reducing feedback loop to the brain because there is no longer incoming pain impulses associated with tight muscles.

Promotes Positive Feelings

So many of life’s challenges start our central nervous system, our brain. The ability to self-motivate becomes easier when we feel positive, enthusiastic and empowered. The combination of amino acids in Mind Balance increases positive feelings in your mind, so overcoming challenges on a daily basis are less stressful and therefore easier.

Helps Increase Focus

Staying focused can be a challenge in and of itself. The effort required to stay on task can be stressful and even depressing. The unique form of GABA in Mind Balance keeps your mind calm while trimethyl glycine (TMG) and tyrosine support healthy dopamine levels. These ingredients act together to help get focused and stay focused while performing work, school, athletic events or even personal tasks that require one hundred percent of your attention.

Increases Mental Energy

Virtually everyone has problems with a lack of mental energy. Not only does poor mental energy effect your focus but it also impedes you ability to stir up the motivation to do even enjoyable things. Mind Balance upregulates dopamine, another brain hormone that provides feelings of well-being and with them the energy to get up and work out, do the chores, and even get in that extra hour of shopping!

Supports Athletic Recovery

If you work out intensely, recovery may be a challenge leaving you with less than the energy you need to carry on the rest of your day. The amino acids in Mind Balance enhance the positive energy that you need to get through your recovery. And it also translates well in providing the physical initiative for the balance of the day. In fact, many of our more active users find that Mind Balance makes them feel “great” after workouts and actually have more energy than before their workouts began.

Normalizes Thyroid

When the adrenals get out of balance, so does it’s dancing partner, the thyroid gland. The thyroid may work slower causing a lack of overall energy, thinning hair, dry skin and poor digestion. Theanine, P­harma-Gaba and Taurine all play a role in balancing the adrenals and therefore support the thyroid as well. The thyroid is another gland we really need to be healthy these days as stress is almost a constant threat to its well-being.


Helps Stabilize Reproductive Hormones

If you have experienced stress, you’ve also probably noticed the negative effects it can have on your libido. One of the reasons this is thought to happen is because the body actually steals progesterone and testosterone and converts them to cortisol. As a result, chronic stress with a long-term increase in cortisol is not so good for the bedroom. Mind balance reduces cortisol to help you relax while increasing sex hormone availability and bringing back the desire for sex.
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“Mind Balance gives me the focus and mental energy I need to stay sharp during long, fast-paced workdays. I have to multi-task quite a bit and make spur-of-the-moment business-critical decisions. Mind Balance makes a big difference in helping me keep a positive attitude and prevent mental fatigue.”
– Courtney N.
“Mind Balance has been seriously beneficial for me. I always struggle finding the motivation to get up and get underway with the days agenda. But I found that Mind Balance provided not only positive mental energy without the jitters, but I felt sort of a powerful and positive “in the zone” mental state I need to get things done and feel great at the same time.”
– Ben M.
“The first time I used Mind Balance I felt more attentive during intense conversations that required an in-depth response without much time for reflection. Since then I have found its benefits have been sustained when I take it as directed. It seems to keep my mind from wandering as well as almost completely eliminating mental fatigue. I also use it for my workouts and it is great for that! It gives me a great attitude and a now I really enjoy my workouts.”
– Henry C.
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At Insight Nutrition, we’re passionate about creating products that make a real difference in our customer’s health and well-being. That passion fueled the creation of our two flagship products, Mind Balance and Sleep Well, and many more.
Our products are healthy and effective alternatives to damaging and addictive pharmaceuticals. What’s more, when taken responsibly at the recommended dosage, they’re safe to use for extended periods of time without any harmful side effects. We’re excited to bring these products to the online community, and hope that you will take advantage of all the great health benefits they have to offer!

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