Trouble sleeping? We’ve got a healthy, natural solution that can be used safely for extended periods. We’ll have you sleeping — well, like a baby.
Lack of sleep affects virtually every system of our body including the immune system, nervous system, digestive system and even bone health and connective tissue resilience (wrinkles). Start getting the regular, high-quality sleep your body needs to recharge and stay strong.
An Advanced
Nutraceutical Solution
That Simply works.

Pharma GABA-(Not to be confused with GABA)

This is a form of the amino acid GABA that can have a profound calming effect on the brain. This natural component is often imitated by pharmaceutical products such as xanax and valium.
Magnesium Glycinate
Studies indicate that it calms the nervous system and muscles. Helps calm busy mind syndrome.
Also a GABA helper. This component helps to settle down an over-active mind.
Contributes to keeping the brain calm by slowing the reuptake of GABA, working cooperatively to regulate the calming effect presented by GABA.
Up regulator of both dopamine and GABA, relaxes the mind but maintains focus.
What Can Sleep Well Do For Me?
Getting the sleep you need when you need it is critical. Sleep Well is your ultimate weapon to combat sleeplessness and get consistent high-quality sleep.

Fast Acting Formula

When you need and want sleep, chances are you want it NOW! All the amino acids used in the Sleep Well formula are free form which maximizes their bioavailability. That means they get to work fast in helping you get the best sleep quality without a prescription, minus the hangover most over the counter sleep aids are known for.

Helps You Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

As many as one-half of all our sleep-deprived customers complain about sleep duration. That means they sleep for a couple of hours and then end up staring at the ceiling for hours while trying to find solutions to the days impending problems. Sound familiar? The combination of magnesium and glycine, one of the amino acids found in Sleep Well, team up with the amino acid theanine and contribute to the formula’s long acting effects by helping your muscles relax and your mind to remain in a calm meditative state. This is important because muscle tension is often one the main reasons we are aroused out of a deep sleep. And once aroused, problem-solving thoughts kick in you’re are off to the races as your brain becomes a squirrel cage of activity. Sleep Well reverses this process by promoting long unimpeded sleep periods.

Powder-Based for Variable Dosing

Sleep Well is provided in a powdered form so varied smaller amounts may be used when it is determined that a full dose is not needed thus making this form of Sleep Well more cost effective.

Promotes Relaxation

The amino acid theanine is known for helping the brain increase “alpha wave” production. This is a brain state that is similar to that achieved by meditation. The presence of theanine goes a long way in helping you get relaxed enough to gently fall into a deep sleep. And with the synergistic effects of the other ingredients, it helps you relax enough to stay asleep.

Safe Amino Acid Based Formula

All of the ingredients found in the Sleep Well formula are accepted within the natural health care community as safe. Moreover, the amino acids in Sleep Well are naturally occurring nutrients already found in the body. Amino acids are essential building blocks that make up enzymes, hormones, muscle and in
this case, play a vital role in brain health.

Reduces Cortisol and Calms Adrenals

One of the reasons we have sleep problems is the chronic presence of too much of the stress hormone called cortisol. Although in normal levels cortisol may be beneficial, too much can lead to anxiety, weight gain, cardiovascular issues and elevated blood pressure. Sleep Well ingredients like theanine and Pharma-GABA help reduce cortisol levels and may lead to weight reduction, lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health.


Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep

All the amino acids used in Sleep Well are simply supplementing those already found in the body. And they are in a form that is easy for your body to find and use specifically for calming an overactive and stressed brain while gently nudging you into a deep, comfortable and restful sleep.

May Be Used With Melatonin

Melatonin is another natural sleep aid that millions of people use effectively on a regular basis. Although it is naturally occurring and regarded as safe, melatonin may cause vivid and for some people, disturbing dreams. For that reason, we chose not to include melatonin as an ingredient in Sleep Well. However, melatonin may be used safely with Sleep Well and increase the benefits of both.
Happy and Healthy Customers.
Just the way we like ’em.
“Finally Found something that works! I was taking Diphenhyramine for years and then the study came out that it causes Alzheimers! I was desperate to get a full nights sleep so I tried Sleep Well. I’m so excited! I get a great night’s sleep and I know that Sleep Well won”t harm me in any way.”
– Leslie S.
“All I can say is that I have done just about everything one can do to get a good night’s sleep including over the counter products that made me feel horrible! Then someone told me about Sleep Well and I tried it. What a difference!! I slept great the first night and have just about every night since then, and now I even sleep better on nights I don’t take it. Great stuff!”
– Natasha G.
“One of my kids has had severe emotional trauma and really struggled with sleep issues. It was suggested that we take Sleep Well with melatonin one night and without it the next. It really didn’t matter because it worked great both nights. Thanks for making such a great product available, it really did change our lives.”
– Daniel K.
Our Vision
is Simple.
At Insight Nutrition, we’re passionate about creating products that make a real difference in our customer’s health and well-being. That passion fueled the creation of our two flagship products, Mind Balance and Sleep Well, and many more.
Our products are healthy and effective alternatives to damaging and addictive pharmaceuticals. What’s more, when taken responsibly at the recommended dosage, they’re safe to use for extended periods of time without any harmful side effects. We’re excited to bring these products to the online community, and hope that you will take advantage of all the great health benefits they have to offer!

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